Jack's Philanthropy

Leukemia is a devastating disease. When a child is diagnosed with cancer it is especially challenging and heartbreaking for a family. Jack’s passion to cook helped him deal with the isolation and complications from his treatment. It gave him something positive and joyful to focus on. In 2007, Jack hosted his first fundraising event called, “Cooking up Dreams”. This event fulfilled his culinary visions beyond his wildest expectations. He was interviewed by the local news channels and written up in newspapers and magazines across the country. Something truly beautiful had happened, people showed an outpouring of unbelievable love and caring. Jack and his family knew that this was something special. The following year Jack hosted another “Cooking up Dreams” event, and again it was a huge success. With the proceeds raised from these two events, Jack’s family was able to establish a permanent endowment in Jack’s name at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, Calif.  All of the monies in this fund go exclusively to pediatric leukemia research.

To provide more support to Miller Children’s Hospital, since 2008, Jack has participated in their annual Profiles of Courage Gala which benefits the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center there.

In June of 2009 Jack was also appointed the pediatric spokesperson for the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation.

Part of the proceeds from Jack’s cook book “Twist it Up” will be donated to both Jack’s endowment and to the Beckstrand Foundation.

If you are interested in giving to Jack’s Endowment please click here for more information. To donate on behalf of Chef Jack Witherspoon to the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation please click here.